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European Charters First Meeting Madrid 2019.

Feb 06, 2019

The gathering of European Charters in Madrid began with an opening address from the patron of the Spanish Charter, Mercedes Pescador. Her message of respect for all, set the tone for a constructive and productive meeting. On the agenda for this meeting was disability, generational diversity and the proposal to examine establishing a European Diversity Charter that companies could sign. The Lithuanian and Croatian charters are doing considerable work on disability inclusion. They emphaisised the importantce of a focus on ability, the need to communicate the positive attitude to people with disabilities, especailly when looking for new employees and the need to learn about the range of tools and adaptations that can be utilised to …
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National Project

Diversity Charter Ireland

Diversity Charter Ireland is in a network of 23 national diversity charters across the EU.  We support each other and share information about the latest developments in equality and diversity in the workplace. 

You are welcome to join us, all you need to do is read the text of the charter , discuss it with your team, and email us to find out the next signing date.

There are 56 signatories in Diversity Charter Ireland. We estimate that our companies cover over 130,000 employees in Ireland. Thus far we have run three annual Irish National Diversity Days, with a range of diversity activities in enterprises and held ten networking meetings, some involving master class inputs.  Signatories, as a community of Diversity and Inclusion practitioners, are uniquely placed to build best practice in managing diversity, preventing discrimination and promoting equality in the workplace.

If you are interested contact for further information.

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International Projects

EU Diversity Charter Platform

We are actively involved in the EU Diversity Charter Platform, a project funded by the EU Commission through which over five and half thousand companies and public institutions have signed diversity charters in twenty-one countries across Europe. Diversity Charters in teh EU are unique in structure and approach. We are business led partnerships of employers that seek to improve the diversity and inclusion competency of all stakeholders. The following link shows the other members states where we have diversity charters.

Diversity Charter Ireland were delighted that the EU Commission DG-Justice and the Department of Justice and Equality in Ireland partnered with us to deliver the 7th international diversity conference in Dublin Castle. 

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