Professional Mediator Training

Professional Mediation Training

We offer certified, quality mediator training. This programme is being delivered Dr. Nancy Love and Maria Hegarty, mediators who bring a wide range of experience mediating disputes, training managers in conflict resolution skills and providing equality and diversity management support and development services to organizations in Ireland and Canada.


Nancy Love

Nancy builds on her experience as a leader and a mediator mediating disputes between employees and managers in oil and gas, education and health care, in both corporate and government settings. She has served on the roster for the Provincial Court and Court of Queen’s Bench in Alberta and Community Mediation Calgary resolving disputes ranging from wrongful dismissal to union grievances, from claims of harassment to commercial and contract matters, between neighbours, co-workers or with management.

Maria Hegarty

Maria provides professional mediation services and delivers managerial mediation training programmes in a range of workplace settings. She recently delivered a self-help and managerial mediation training courses for the Human Resource Management Team in Hewlett Packard Ireland, Focus Ireland and for a range of organisations in SkillsNet. She conducts Employment Equality Reviews and Diversity Audits. She has delivered employment equality reviews for third level education organisations, for hotels, for the Irish Aviation sector and for non-governmental organisations. Maria also develops equality policies and designs and delivers equality and diversity training for SME’s all over Ireland.

Learning Objectives
Following the 8 day, 60-hour program, participants will:
Thoroughly understand through explanation, imitation and practice, the principles, theories and skills behind an interest-based appreciative mediation frame.
Gain confidence through practice of each of the 5 steps of the frame.
Develop a practical, specific, plan to put new learning into practice.

Course Contents


Module 1: Prepare for the Learning
Course purpose, process and protocol
Module 2: Uncover the P.U.L.S.E. Frame: What is mediation?
An introduction to the Mediation Process
Video: P.U.L.S.E., A Mediation Simulation
Module 3: Uncover PULSE Process: How does mediation work?
Principles of Conflict Resolution: the forces at work
Principles of Conflict Resolution: cycles of perception
Module 4: Uncover PULSE Response: Why does mediation work?
Different styles of conflict
Body, Head and Heart types
Conflict mapping: shifting positions through change


Module 5: Uncover PULSE Content: How do mediators think?
Assumptions of PULSE Mediated conversations
The Ladder of Inference: unraveling perceptions
Positions, interests, and criteria for resolution
What to do and what to say in a mediated conversation
Module 6: Uncover PULSE Content: When does mediation work?
Factors to consider in mediation: when is it appropriate?
Factors to consider: effective qualities of a mediator and maintaining impartiality
Factors to consider: mediation styles
Module 7: Uncover the Assumptions
Society and the mediator
Ethical Dilemmas – a case study
Module 8: Uncover Skills for Effective Speaking and Listening
Establishing the protocol for effective speaking and listening
Skills for Active and Reflective Listening


Module 9: Uncover Skills for Effective Interventions
Staying the course: Skills to keep the conversation on track
Video: The Art of Active Listening
Module 10: Prepare to Practice
Develop scenarios for practice
Review the skills (optional)
Module 11: Learn through Practice – the Prepare Frame
Video: PULSE Prepare
Practice the introduction and the foundation of the PULSE Conversation: Prepare
Role play in groups
Module 12: Learn through Practice – the Uncover Frame
Video: PULSE Uncover
Practice setting the agenda and identifying the issues in Uncover
Role play in groups


Module 13: Learn through Practice the Skills for Identifying Interests
The TAXI Exercise –paraphrase, ask open questions, wait, empathize, reframe.
Module 14: Learn through Practice – the Learn Frame
Video: PULSE Learn
Practice identifying interests (criteria), empathetic, active and reflective listening
Role play in groups
Module 15: Learn through Practice –the Search Frame
Brainstorming –an activity in option building
Video: PULSE Search
Module 16: Learn through Practice – the Explain Frame
Writing the Plan – an activity
Video: PULSE Explain


Module 17: Learn through Practice – Search and Explain
Role play in groups
Module 18: Prepare to Prepare
An introduction to the Pre-Meeting
Video: Preparing Parties for Mediation
Module 19: Uncover the Principles
An Appreciative Approach
Questioning Strategies
Module 20: Learn through Practice the Pre-meeting
Preparing parties for mediation –Role play in groups


Module 21: Learn through Practice the Pre-meeting
Role play in groups
Module 22: Prepare for the final role play
Preparing Case Studies
Taking notes
A Time to Caucus, if you must
Module 23: Learn through Practice – the two-way role play (negotiation)
Module 24: Learn through Practice – the two-way role play (negotiation)


Module 25: Learn through Practice – the two-way role play (negotiation)
Module 26: Learn through Practice – the three way role play (mediation)
Module 27: Learn through Practice – the three-way role play (mediation)
Module 28: Learn through Practice – the three-way role play (mediation)


Module 29: Search the Possibilities
How can these skills be used?

Module 30: Explain the Plan
Transfer the learning

Cost – Professional Mediation Course Fee Is €1,450.00


This course will provide you with the 60 hours training that is required before you can apply to be assessed through the Mediators Institute of Ireland. This assessment cost €250.00.

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