Managerial Mediation Training Courses

Managerial Mediation Training Course.Are you responsible for the co-operative work of others?

Are you responsible for leading your organisation?

All too often workplace disputes accelerate into polarized positions, parties become entrenched and can focus on holding onto these positions rather than finding solutions. The mediation process can improve communication, diffuse emotions, reduce the tension caused by the conflict and limits the negative effects of unresolved conflict in the workplace.These courses are designed for those who are responsible for co-operative works of others. Managers, supervisors and team leaders will learn mediation skills, understand how conflict affects the workplace and improve their ability to manage relationships and find solutions to organisational problems caused by conflict. The modules cover:

  • The manager-as-mediator
  • Consequences of conflict
  • Types of conflict
  • When managerial mediation works, and when it won’t
  • Preliminary meetings with employees
  • Managing the context
  • The three tasks of the manager-as-mediator
  • Contracting for agreement
  • Video demonstration
  • Why it works
  • Practice by learners

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