European Charters First Meeting Madrid 2019.

Posted on February 06, 2019

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The gathering of European Charters in Madrid began with an opening address from the patron of the Spanish Charter, Mercedes Pescador. Her message of respect for all, set the tone for a constructive and productive meeting.

On the agenda for this meeting was disability, generational diversity and the proposal to examine establishing a European Diversity Charter that companies could sign.

The Lithuanian and Croatian charters are doing considerable work on disability inclusion. They emphaisised the importantce of a focus on ability, the need to communicate the positive attitude to people with disabilities, especailly when looking for new employees and the need to learn about the range of tools and adaptations that can be utilised to include people with disabilities.

Signatory Case Study:  Adidas.

The global diversity and inclusion strategy has three dimensions, gender, generation and geography.

The phenomenon of longer life expectancy has forced them to ask questions about retirement ages, productivity and age, and the need to manage greater work time flexibility while maintaining productivity.

They run a Female Leadership Programme, which included targets, 32% of women in leadership was reached eighteen months prior to their goal date. The run a diversity and inclusion train the trainer programme and schemes to facilitate off campus working (20 per cent maximum). See their diversity and inclusion link

An EU Diversity Charter?

While each Diversity charter within the E.U. operates at a national level, the question of creating a European wide charter encompassing all the charters under a shared set of values was raised. 

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