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Maria Hegarty
Managing Director Equality Strategies Ltd

I established Equality Strategies Ltd to provide support, training, research, evaluation and mediation services that would help people to deliver more effective equality and diversity initiatives. Here are some examples of the work we have done.

We have developed equality and diversity policies for a range of organisations including Parke Nursing Homes, Cúil Didin Nursing Home, Respond Housing Association, Monkstown Leisure Centre, KidsInc, National Children’s Nurseries Association, Roscommon Disability Support Group and Longford Women’s Group. This involves the development of equality policies following best practice guidelines, holding focus groups with staff to highlight their rights and responsibilities and working with managers to ensure they can implement equality policies.

We delivered the equality and diversity reviews/audits for Jury’s Inn Custom House, the Irish Aviation Authority, Tipperary Institute, the Waterford Institute of Technology and COPE Ltd. These Reviews involve a comprehensive examination of the policies, practices, procedures and perceptions that operate within the workplace (through full staff surveys and focus groups across all functions in the organisation) and the production of an Action Plan to enhance the achievement of equality outcomes.

We have designed and delivered equality and diversity training courses for those responsible for implementing equality initiatives, devising equality action plans and monitoring and reviewing the impact of equality and diversity strategies. We have delivered training programmes in Trinity College Dublin, Jury’s Inn Custom House and for the Southern Network of Local Authority Equality Officers.

We have conducted research and written papers for the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) – a policy paper on promoting equality and managing diversity, the National Women’s Council of Ireland a mid-term review of gender equality outcomes arising from the national social partnership agreement, Towards 2016, an agreement between Government and the social partners in Ireland, the Dublin City Integration Framework for the City.

We provided national expertise for Ireland for the International Labour Organsiation Project “ Equality is my business ”, a training and awareness-raising campaign on combating gender stereotypes in small and medium sized companies in 15 EU-EFTA countries, for DG Enlargement Interim Evaluation of EU pre-accession programmes in Croatia and Turkey. We provide evaluation services for the Sonas Housing Association, who provide transition housing for women and children who have experienced violence in the home, the European Anti-Poverty Network Ireland, and TravAct a Traveller community group working in North Dublin.

Mediation helps people to find solutions to meet their needs and find agreement when conflict arises. Maria provide s professional mediation services in a range of workplace settings, is the Master Certified Trainer of Managing Workplace Conflict (Mediation Training International, USA), and the National Tutor for the PULSE Institute, Canada.We have delivered managerial mediation training programmes in a range of settings and delivered the self-help and managerial mediation training courses for the Human Resource Management Team in Hewlett Packard Ireland, Focus Ireland and for a range of organisations in SkillsNet. This course is designed to build the participant’s confidence and competence in managing staff who are in conflict. Participants who complete this course will be skilled at applying mediation techniques to their management responsibilities.

We were a founding member and work to build Diversity Charter Ireland, which has 54 signatories as of July 2018.

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